What You Need to Know and Do to Attend Worship at First UMC Hampton: COVID-19 Rules

Thank you for choosing to worship with First UMC Hampton. We know these rules and requirements will feel awkward and restrictive, especially at first. But they are necessary to provide the lowest risk possible of spreading the virus, and thus are all a part of how we can love our neighbors and protect those who are vulnerable.

Short version:

  • Register no later than Wednesday (the health form is now incorporated into registration)
  • Take your temperature Sunday morning; stay home if you are sick (temp above 100.4 or other symptoms)
  • Bring your mask and your bulletin Sunday morning
  • Follow all directions from volunteers and signs so we can worship God while protecting each other’s health and safety as much as possible.


  • Register to attend worship at least 4 days before the service (no later than Wednesday for Sunday morning).
    • Register online: This form now includes the required health questions.
    • Or call the church office to answer these questions over the phone.
    • Fill out the Health Acknowledgment section for each person (full name). Up to 4 people can be included on one form.
    • Registration must be submitted every week.
  • Between Wednesday and Sunday
    • Self-monitor for COVID-related symptoms (fever, persistent cough, shortness of breath, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, sore throat, intestinal upset, recent loss of taste or smell, muscle pain). Two or more symptoms, known exposure to someone with COVID-19, testing positive for COVID-19, or symptoms with a pending test result, any of which are within the 14 days prior to worship, mean you should stay home.
    • Look for the bulletin to arrive by email or mail (depending on your registration choice). If it is emailed, you may print it out to bring along or access it on your smartphone or other device. We are currently not permitted to hand anything out to those attending on Sunday morning.
  • On the morning of worship:
    • Take your temperature. It must be less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit in order to attend worship;
    • Stay home if you are feeling ill;
    • Bring with you a face covering (mandatory), hand sanitizer (if you feel you need it), and gloves (if you feel you need them). We will not provide these items at the church;
    • Bring with you your printed bulletin or smartphone/tablet to view it electronically; and
    • Put on your face covering before exiting your vehicle, and keep it on until you return to your vehicle.
  • When you arrive, you can expect:
    • A sign asking you to park where you can avoid coming within six feet of other people exiting their vehicles.
    • A friendly, masked volunteer will greet you near the entrance to the sanctuary (on Queen Street), confirm you have pre-registered, and ask if anything has changed since you answered the health questions. This greeter will then ask you to wait six feet from others until it is safe to enter the building.
    • Once inside the narthex (lobby), please maintain social distancing of six feet or more at all times from people not in your household. A friendly usher inside the sanctuary will help you find a seat that is six feet or more from others.
    • If you are bringing children, please make sure they are wearing face coverings. You are encouraged to sit near the exits (towards the back of the sanctuary) in case they have trouble keeping their mask on and you need to take them out. If you do have to leave over a face covering issue, you will not be able to reenter.
    • Worship will include instrumental music (piano and organ), spoken prayers, Scripture reading, and a brief sermon or meditation (10 minutes or less). Most weeks, the service will finish within 45 minutes. On the first Sunday of the month, we celebrate Holy Communion.
    • When the service ends, an usher will dismiss everyone by pews in order to maintain social distancing.
    • If you are bringing your financial gifts or offerings, you may leave them in a plate in the narthex as you depart.
    • On Communion Sundays, you will also pick up prepackaged Communion elements on your way out of the building. Please wait until you are in your vehicle or at home to remove your mask to consume them.
    • If you need to use the restroom, you will need to enter through the door for the offices. A greeter outside that door will let you know if others are already inside. In order to maintain social distancing, only one person is allowed in each restroom at a time.
    • Please continue to observe social distancing as you return to your vehicle.
  • We wish you every blessing throughout the week! Don’t forget to register again by Wednesday if you want to attend next Sunday!
Grace and peace in Christ,
Rev. Candee Martin, Rev. Kerry Greenhill, Jeremy Hooten, Meg Moore, Richard and Carolyn Slye
First UMC Healthy Church Team